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July 23, 2005

Evaluating Ezzo's Leadership: Why Bother?

In a previous post, the question was raised:

Please help me understand the emphasis on the author [Gary Ezzo] rather than the materials. . .

Gary Ezzo was a pastor and is now the head of an international for-profit ministry that espouses to teach "Biblical parenting" to Christian families and use its secular materials as an outreach and resource to non-Believers.

While not currently in a pastoral role, because of the nature of his ministry he is in a leadership position in the Church. As a leader, he should meet the Biblical qualifications of a leader.

I Timothy 3 is just one passage that teaches Christians about the qualities a leader in the church should possess.

Because the Bible places an emphasis on the qualifications for a church leader, I place emphasis on providing information for Christians to evaluate whether Gary Ezzo is someone they are willing to accept as a Biblical teachers in their lives.

I didn't always do this. At one point in my life I assumed that Christian teachers were, in general, trustworthy. That if a good Christian friend recommended a teacher, then that teacher was a good source of Biblical teaching. I regret that I have not always been careful and discerning in the teachers I have trusted.

I once believed that Gary Ezzo was a trustworthy resource for Biblical teaching. I now see that I was not discerning.

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You have replaced the part of my questions that I am most interested in with "...".

Why is the name calling so important?

Why do you not go after other author/pastors who take a wage for their efforts? You can not tell me that you agree with every other author and pastor on the planet that references scripture in their writings and teachings.

What scripture do you use to justify your actions against this man?

Posted by: Hank Osborne at July 24, 2005 01:04 AM

Actually, Hank, the heart of your question was why focus on the man, Gary Ezzo, and not just the teachings.

". . .why the bashing and name calling is so important? is like the old "When did you stop beating your wife?"

I have not "bashed" Ezzo. I have not "name called." I have pointed out patterns of behaviour that should be unacceptable to any Christian teacher. I have pointed out the long-term ramifications that his teachings have had on many wonderful, loving, well-intentioned families.

And, Hank--did you even read this post? Because it pretty much focused on the other two questions you had--about why I am concerned about Ezzo over other false teachers and what the Biblical motivation is.

Posted by: TulipGirl at July 24, 2005 01:15 AM

Yes...I did read it. I asked that question because I have not seen on your site criticisms of other pastor/authors who have controversy out about them. I admit, I have not read your entire site and it is entirely possible that you have not read any books by other pastor/authors. So, the question was why "this" man for the reasons you give and not also others as well?

Posted by: Hank Osborne at July 24, 2005 02:30 PM

So, the question was why "this" man for the reasons you give and not also others as well?

Because, as I guess I wasn't clear enough about in the post, I once believed that Gary Ezzo was a trustworthy resource for Biblical teaching. I now see that I was not discerning.

This is a leader in the Christian subculture who has ostensibly taught "Biblical" principles, but instead are his own ideas supported by weak Biblical hermeneutics. This is a teacher I trusted because he used many of the "right words" and was recommended by friends. Trusting an untrustworthy source had a negative impact on my spiritual life as well on our family dynamics.

Other people have been impacted by Bill Gothard's legalism, and so are vocal about his teachings. I'll mention Bill Gothard occasionally, but because I was not significantly impacted by his teachings, I don't focus on it the way some others do.

Similarly, I believe there are good resources online that help provide information for Christians to be discerning, like CRI and CARM. They have both done more research than I have about a broader range of ideas.

In short, because I was susceptible to Gary Ezzo's misuse of the Bible and and see vulnerable parents still being harmed today, that's why I draw attention to his questionable status as a trusted Christian leader.

Posted by: TulipGirl at July 26, 2005 11:03 PM

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