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December 23, 2005

Christmas Thoughts. . .

I just read what Barbara Curtis shared about part of her life, and feel compelled to link to it here.

In fact, I met one just a few years ago when I was asked to speak at another ladies’ luncheon where as I greeted the women working in the kitchen I noticed a familiar face I couldn’t quite place.

“Remember me?” she said, smiling. I had to confess I didn’t know where I knew her from.

“Kimberly,” she said. “We worked for the phone company in Corte Madera in 1979.”

“Kimberly, I didn’t know you were a Christian!” I said. And then there was an embarrassed moment of silence, as we both realized that’s probably the last thing a Christian would want to hear. I mean, what if when we stand before our Creator there is a cloud of witnesses who became believers in spite of our neglect? I can almost hear them intoning the chorus: “I didn’t know you were a Christian.”

At this time of year, we are remembering the Incarnation, God becoming man, communicating His love and holyness in a way we can understand.

May the Lord use us in an incarnational way in the lives of those around us us.


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