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January 29, 2006

Continuing the Dialogue. . .

Blogs may not be the ideal medium for continuing a discussion Shawn Wood and I are having regarding church discipline, especially as it pertains to Seacoast Church and Gary Ezzo.

So, I've started a thread at AwareParent.Net and invite those interested to join us.

You're welcome to jump into the conversation there. Registration is quick and easy, moderation is light, and all are welcome.

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It's almost incomprehensibly sad that a pastor does not understand that church discipline means something beyond the walls of the local church, or even (in a less formal sense) that when people are received into a church, it's good not to allow them to have a trail of unresolved broken relationships behind them without addressing it. It's not entirely surprising, but it's still really, really sad.

Posted by: pentamom at February 6, 2006 02:28 PM


I have said as many ways that I know how that it is not that Seacoast Church, or this sad pastor
Does not believe in church discipline. Let me state for the record AGAIN:

1. Seacoast is very aware of all of the allegations against the Ezzo's.

2. Our Pastoral staff did a great deal of research and interviewing including the Ezzo's former senior pastor. Our staff talked about this, prayed about this and came to the conclussion that we accept them into our church as fellow christ-followers and are excited to have them a part of our family. Sorry we did not invite every christian in the world to these meetings, we just do not have the space :)
My wife and I don't invite our neighbors to our "talks" when I was a kid either (its better when these things tend to stay in the family that way wrong information and stuff does not get all over the internet)

3. The Ezzo's did not come to Seacoast to teach -they came as people wanting to worship their God in a new area that they had recently moved to. We treated them just as we would any other new person to our community. They serve as Greeters at one of the doors at our church and do a great job smiling!

4. In my opinion - and that is all it is - the trail of unresolved realtionships is seen in the bitterness of many that are on the blogosphere who hate the Ezzo's. Yes Hate. I think Jesus warned against that pretty strong. I would label one blogger who has a permanant link on his site that reads "Gary Ezzo in a Chucklehead" as being close to hate. I am not sure who he is, so I will leave that up to him and God, but its close.

5. My reason for getting into this whole deal is that I find Tulipgirl (although we disagree on the Ezzo deal) a entertaining blogger who loves her children and has a passion for Missions. Here is the deal we disgree on a major issue, but we agree on a whole lot! Should'nt Christ-followers be nice to one another - even on blogs. I think this whole blog thing is both a great thing for christianity and yet also a harm as the world will see how stinkin' mean we are to each other. That breaks my heart.

So I will keep posting and keep trying (correct me if I go astray here) to be nice even though you guys are wrong :) jk

Thanks Tulipgirl for letting me answer pentamon here...

Posted by: Shawn Wood at February 12, 2006 11:22 AM


I posted your comments over at AwareParent, because they were very pertinent to the discussion there.

Let me state for the record AGAIN:

Umm, Shawn. . . Some of this information is new. Including that Seacoast "interviewing" the senior pastor of Gary Ezzo's former church. Was this Pastor Dave Maddox of LHEF?

The information I have is that the church discipline issues from both Living Hope and Grace remain unresolved. I would love--honestly--to see that this church discipline has brought repentence and restoration. I have yet to see evidence of that. Yet I'm thankful that Seacoast has at least made some effort to communicate with one of the elders from one of the churches involved.

3. The Ezzo's did not come to Seacoast to teach -they came as people wanting to worship their God in a new area that they had recently moved to. We treated them just as we would any other new person to our community. They serve as Greeters at one of the doors at our church and do a great job smiling!

Except. . . They ARE teaching. Your church HAS endorsed the materials. They have handed out promotional materials for their business as they greet people. Whether that was the understanding of Seacoast when they welcomed the Ezzos into the church (membership?) the reality is they are leaders both within your local body and the Church as a whole. Not just "any other new person to our community."

Bitterness and hate. . . Those are strong words, Shawn. Strong accusations to make against a person or people who hold a differing view than yourself.

And while I know you may not mean me personally when you use those words, you do mean me in the broad sense as someone who is vocal in raising concerns about Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo's role in the Church and their teachings.

Let me categorically state I hold no bitterness towards Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo. I've gone through a whole range of emotions throughout my time as a mother. I know myself well, and I can say in all honesty and with a clean conscience that their is no bitterness in my heart at all towards Gary or Anne Marie.

Neither do I hate them. I do believe their teachings are flawed--medically and Biblically. I believe that they have not handled kind criticism well--nor more pointed criticism. I have seen them mischaracterize and mock others--sometimes publicly, sometimes privately. Threaten lawsuits and bring lawsuits against critics. And consequently, I have very little respect for Gary and Anne Marie Ezzo.

Lowered respect is a far cry from hate.

Posted by: TulipGirl at February 12, 2006 07:34 PM

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