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February 06, 2006

Independent Spirits

Independent Spirits

Freedom from the Umbrella of Deception

(Via X-ATI Guy)


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I can't be the only one giggling every time I read the subtitle of the site.

Posted by: TulipGirl at February 6, 2006 09:04 PM

(Sigh) another whacko. Why don't people read the bible & get on with their lives without Ezzo/Gothard/(fill in the blank with the latest) telling them what color sox to put on in the morning.

Posted by: Marion at February 9, 2006 06:31 PM

i wish the "color socks" thing was even slightly off base. but alas it isn't. (mr. gothard suggested i curl my beautifully stick straight hair and wear only one earring in each ear.)

Posted by: sweetviolet at February 11, 2006 04:18 PM

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