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March 24, 2006

Spring Break

Hooray! Spring break is here! And unlike the crazy college students who fly down to Florida for spring break, I always get to live here and enjoy the sunshine. *eg*

One of the differences between homeschooling and having the boys in school is the increased appreciation I have for vacations and holidays.

Right now J9 is swimming laps in the pool. Now, it's waaaaay too freezing for me to swim, but he's a tough kid and loves the water.

Our Spring Break plans include a around-the-house project each day. (Ahhh, yes, I'm the queen of procrastinating when it comes to these things) and an fun outing.

Today we washed the inside walls in the house. We tend to get lots of fingerprints, footprints, and various banging prints on the walls of our home. The boys wiped them down, and I followed up with the Mr. Clean eraser. I love that cleaning tool. The next time I send a goodie box to my missionary friends, I'm sending Mr. Clean erasers.

We also went to see the Curious George movie and ate Curious George snacks, thanks to my Mom's suggestion. And I took a long afternoon nap. Okay, maybe not the boys' idea of fun during Spring Break, but it definitely works for me. *grin*

This Week's Projects:
Sweep and Scrub the Lanai
Make Strawberry Jam
Weed and Mulch the Front Yard
Clothes--Give Away, Dry Clean, Launder, Organize
ReOrganize Kitchen, Store Hurricane Supplies
Clean Desk/Organize Bills
Clean Car/Van Inside/Out
Dust Everything, Especially Fans

This Week's Fun:
The Library--T7 has been begging and begging to go to the library. I in my post-Ukraine excitement, overused the library when we returned to the tune of impressive overdue fines. So, the library has been avoided of late.
Dinosaur World
U-Pic Strawberries
The Beach
Reread the Chronicles of Narnia
Living Room Forts
Florida Air Show, maybe


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AH yes, library fines. I know our fines helped to fund the newest library here in town. It is a small boost to my procrastination troubles.

Do you jar your jam or make freezer jam? Recipe to share?

Posted by: Kim at March 27, 2006 02:24 PM

hey, i was thinking about the jam too.
my summer-strawberry-jam-concoction turned into "strawberrysauce" (for spooning onto icecream) rather than jam.. my mum suggested that it sets better in little jars, rather than the family-sized one i used...
of course the kiddos didn't complain... would you rather savour the summer on bread.. or with ICE CREAM?? lol

Posted by: kate5kiwis at March 28, 2006 01:17 AM

doh! And I was one of those fools that visited Florida for spring break.... ;)

(and it was cold, whats that about?)

Posted by: Janet at March 30, 2006 05:58 PM

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