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March 30, 2006

Spring Break Bits

So far we've had a wonderful, relaxing, fun spring break. *grin* The boys have gone swimming every day, in spite of the water being frigid. We went to Dinosaur World in Plant City on Tuesday. It was very kid-friendly, and for those who are local, they'll be having discounted tickets for homeschoolers throughout the month of May. I took a lot of pics with my ancient Nikon (which I love, but doesn't have the instant gratification of digital. . .) I might get photos up later this week, though.

Yesterday we went to the beach on Anna Maria Island. Went with a friend I've known since our boys were babies together, 9+ years ago. We laughed at how uptight we were there, but thinking we were relaxed and had it all together. And we talked about how gracious God is. . . Lots and lots of good talking. Haven't had a "girlfriend" type talk like that in awhile. Between the two of us we have six boys. Lots of fun, lots of energy. And they were wonderful and didn't get too sunburned.

I've fallen asleep around 9pm each night. And haven't woken until 9am. I think I really have needed the rest.

We've also made a couple trips to the library. We've been avoiding it because of library fines. *blush* Yes, I have a payment plan with my local library because of overdue fees. And yes, we borrowed Hubby's card for our library excursions this week.

I haven't gotten anywhere close to the around-the-house projects I wanted to tackle. In fact, I bought strawberries while we were in Plant City and we're munching on them instead of making jam. Ahh, well. I'm hoping we'll actually scrub down the vehicles inside and out tomorrow, but if we don't. . . they'll survive.

I have a bit of a stomach bug or something and feel kinda nasty.

I think I need to sip some peppermint tea.


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So glad you are having a great week. :-) Wish I could have joined your "girlfriend" talk.

Posted by: Carol at March 31, 2006 07:06 AM

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