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April 23, 2006

Oh, crap!

"Oh, crap!" I heard my 8 year old say, as we drove down the road in the minivan the other day. Shocked me a bit. Haven't heard him use language like that before.

His expletive was followed by some banging, and sounds of paper being rumpled, and a book being slammed shut.

"What's going on?"

"Those stupid guys are whalehunting again. And they killed the whale already."

T8 is reading an illustrated version of Moby Dick. T8, my whale lover, budding marine biologist. He has a great sensitivity to injustices, chief of which is whale hunting.

A few days later he told me, "You know what I'd do if I were a millionaire?"

"No, what?"

"I wouldn't be foolish with my money. I'd buy a big house and get a wife and a bunch of kids. But I wouldn't just buy them every toy they wanted. And I'd work at the aquarium. If I couldn't work with the whales, well, then I'd just be the guy that feeds the sharks."


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He sounds like a sweet heart. At least you know he doesn't read passively!

Posted by: Dana at April 23, 2006 09:04 PM

oh wow i love that attitude to life... a bunch of kids.. he is obviously growing up in a cool family :o)

Posted by: kate5kiwis at April 23, 2006 11:55 PM

he's 8! and this is the first "oh crap"? you are doing well sis! th5 has said that too - along with 'aaahhhh sh*t' and 'i don't get this HOCKING thing' and to a friend 'were you gonna call me a bitch?' (and yes she's used the f word once too)...
before you totally write me off as a bad mom - these were VERY ISOLATED instances... but still. yikes. (and i worry about what she'll learn in kindergarten - if she goes!) hehe love love

Posted by: mtnmama at April 24, 2006 12:55 AM

Grandchildren! Awwww! LOL Wise little boy. B7 loves those illustrated classics as well.

I like the "if she goes" mtnmamma! I remember my shock at the words on the schoolbus when I was in first grade.

Posted by: Carol at April 24, 2006 07:21 AM

That T8 is a guy after my own heart. mk

Posted by: maureen kuehne at April 24, 2006 04:59 PM

Your son sounds like an amazing little person. :-)

Posted by: Steph at April 25, 2006 07:02 PM

I think T8 used 'crap' very appropriately. In fact, he showed a lot of restraint considering the tragic circumstances he was coming to terms with.

Last night my oldest said, "Oh holy mother of Israel!" To which I responded with a gasp because the statement had a strong resonance of blasphemy, even if I still cannot figure out what it means! Apparently, Buzz Lightyear is to blame. I can't even remember what the circumstances for this strange expletive were because I was so shocked. I do clearly remember that the occasion was nothing as serious as the murderous death of a whale. I had previously read this post too and wished I could exchange the 'mother of Israel' expletive for T8's far more noble 'crap!'

Posted by: missmellifluous at April 26, 2006 06:57 AM

Oh, I miss my boys! Please hug them and tell them their Aunt Fluffy misses them so much!

Posted by: LittleMiss at April 26, 2006 04:21 PM

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