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April 27, 2006

Soccer Moms and Baseball Babies

"Play BALL!" It was the Little League T-ball All Stars game. I was number 17--the littlest on the team and the last to bat. I glanced into the stands, and was reassured to see my mother smiling at me and nursing my baby sister.

I wrote about these vivid and early memories of my mother and little sister a few years ago.

Just today, I came across this article by Elizabeth Pantley and marvelled at how these early interactions among mother, baby, and siblings can make such a profound impression. And how love and nurturing are passed along in our every day family interactions.

My three older children all play baseball, so Coleton and I spend much of our springtime at the ballpark. His first baseball season he was five months old. Since I was a coach on my daughter’s team, Coleton spent his time in the dugout and on the field nestled in his (team-colored) sling, watching the action and listening to the cheers, chants and noise of the play. Between swings at bat the girls would often pass him around from one to the other, entertaining him and trying to make him giggle.

I encourage you to take time for some mommy-daddy encouragement by reading Baseball Babies and Play Ball.

(Reposted from March 2004, because my boys are now playing neighborhood baseball.)


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Heehee. That's one of my favorite passages from that book. When I read that I felt vindicated that I had freed my baby from the "bucket" and carried him around with me in public when he was smaller. He definitely liked to look around and I always felt sorry for babies who are confined to a view of the ceiling. Hooray for the great outdoors and giggling babies to enjoy!

Posted by: Jeannette at May 9, 2006 09:24 AM

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