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May 03, 2006

Breastfeeding, Babies and Big Girls

"When DD3 pretends to be a Mommy, she is a very good one. She rocks her babies, she sings to them, she snuggles them in a blanket. And then she says she needs a paci and a bottle. She has no memory of the hours I spent nursing her. She has no memory of seeing anyone nurse. Heck, she has no memory of seeing people do most of the things I did with her as an infant. . . .

I so want DD3 to grow up knowing that it is normal, natural, healthy, and Godís design for a woman to nurse her babies."

Read more from ChewyMom.


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Well, the fact that she doesn't remember nursing doesn't change the fact that she was. She also won't remember the many other things done for her and with her by her mother and father. She will, however, have been made strong in the grace that is Christ Jesus and have a strong trusting relationship with her parents. From that strong foundation, she'll make her own wise decisions (and make a few mistakes, too) and will mostly likely turn to her mother for advice on motherhood. That's when Mom can remind her that nursing is the best choice for mother and baby. Nursing is just one good decision in a long chain of parenting events. The motivation behind the decisions remains the same, I think: What is best for my child's soul?

Posted by: TK at May 4, 2006 02:36 PM

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