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May 18, 2006

Woman Shoots Gator

Just a few days ago I posted about alligator attacks. And now. . .

A woman shot an alligator that she found on her lanai, attacking her dog. From the details in the story, if this wasn't in our neighborhood, it wasn't too far away.


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The fact that this got the level of national media coverage that it has (the woman was on Greta Van Sustren tonight), definitely supports my thesis that the media is creating the "Summer of the Alligator." If this had happened a week and a half ago, it would have been a little blurb in the Bradenton Herald and probably would have gotten a link from Dave Barry's blog (if it's a squirrel, a snake, or a gator, he's got the story), but now some lady overreacting and shooting an alligator that she'd already managed to shoo out the doggy door with a shovel is a national story. Or, it could just be that anything slightly out of the ordinary that comes out of Florida is considered newsworthy, since we're all so weird :)

Posted by: kathryn at May 18, 2006 03:40 AM

Yup. . . I think you called it right, kathryn. I bet if you keep tally, the gator stories will continue to proliferate. I wonder when the first "Summer of the Alligator" label will come from the msm?

Btw, when are we going to get together? *g*

Posted by: TulipGirl at May 18, 2006 03:52 AM

My cousin and I were just talking about this, since she is from the same town that you now live in. Those gators are spooky! When I lived in Florida, I know quite a few neighbors who had pets and/or children attacked, so it doesn't seem THAT strange to me to hear that they have attacked... We lived on a canal though, so that made it much more likely.

Posted by: Amanda at May 18, 2006 08:51 PM

My husband brought home a the Guardian newspaper a few days ago and they had a full page article about several women who had been attacked and killed recently by alligators in Florida.

If you only read that story (and not here! ;0) you would think that it was an unusual phenomena.

Posted by: Sheena at May 19, 2006 04:49 AM

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