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June 12, 2006

Alberto, Our First Named Storm

I think everyone is a bit more alert and anxious, after last year's Hurricane Katrina. In the past, I remember never being worried about hurricanes (though we lived in LA, MS, FL, Cuba. . .)

We live along the border between the hurricane warning area and the tropical storm warning area is, according to the NOAA's most recent advisory on Alberto. The wind is picking up. We lost electricity for about two hours on Sunday.

Last year, we had more damage and more power outages during the early season tropical storms than we did during the later season actual hurricanes. . . Our personal damage was limited to screens needing to be put back in on the lanai. (Rejoicing at that!)

Knowing that we have family members still rebuilding, regrouping, recouping after Katrina, though, makes me less. . . certain? arrogant? . . . than I used to be about our city being in a storm-free bubble.

I can hear the wind.


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praying all is well for you all today. We are through the worst of it--the sun is out inbetween intermittent small squalls from the outer most bands. Yesterday we got a GLORIOUS 4 inches of rain--and at least another inch so far today. WE SO NEEDED IT.
For once--i was almost glad to watch the storm tracker.
It's early in the year.....

Posted by: Dana at June 13, 2006 11:29 AM

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