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July 15, 2006

Today's Ezzo Blogging

If you are new to the idea of Ezzo parenting or have only heard about Babywise but don't understand the controversy, katiekind has posted a great background piece that summarizes the teachings and concerns.

Pastor Bixby writes more about Ezzo parenting in his post Clarifications--and he alludes to more posts on the topic to come.

Bec at BawlingBabies seems to specialize in writing about infant crying, and mentions Gary Ezzo in her summary of authors who promote controlled crying.

Brian asks What's an Ezzo? Of course he knows. . . as he has added his insight to Ezzo discussions in the past.

Zatera Ul joins us in promoting Ezzo Week 2006. Thanks!

Am keeps promising a Babywise review. I hope it gets posted during Ezzo Week! (And if you haven't yet read a review of Babywise, I recommend this one.)

Reon praises the fathers who know enough and care enough to get involved in parenting.

Also this week, a couple of people have posted "it's worked for me" tidbits about Babywise--here and here.

Update: Found the first blog post written about the GFI conference from an attendee! Thanks, Allen!

Did I overlook your Ezzo Week 2006 blog post or web page? Feel free to link to it here--and thanks for joining in!

This post is part of the Ezzo Week 2006 series, raising awareness about the concerns with "philosophy" of parenting promoted by Gary Ezzo.

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