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July 17, 2006

More Ezzo Blogging Links. . .

Hooray for all who are joining in the spirit of Ezzo Week 2006!

A scientist posts her thoughts--and feelings--in Ezzo, Ezzo Everywhere.

Issues of faulty theology and church discipline are raised at Indelible Grace.

And Pastor Bixby delivers! More, On the Cultic Mindest, Ezzoism, and Sleeping through the Night. (Related to this, if you haven't yet read it you really must--More Than a Parenting Ministry: The Cultic Characteristics of Growing Families International.)

muses about parents' views of children and Ezzo.

And then there is a bit of Ezzo discussion, back-and-forth, on myspace. It seems Dara began it with a post which only mentions Ezzo in passing. (Btw, Focus on the Family does NOT endorse or produce the Ezzo materials.) The conversation grew, and seems to have spurred this post by Krystann.

Both Melanie and mommy to Maddy and Livy share the beginnings of their Babywise'ing. For little Livy that meant, "Due to our own faults, the rockings and holdings and walking around were getting ridiculous again and we decided to put our foot down and have Livy sleep trained once for all. The child screamed one hour and forty minutes straight yesterday. Ok, with only five minutes in between while she whimpered and gave daddy false hope that she’s “done” only to re-start her never-winding-down cries. I conceded after one hour and left the house to go grocery shopping. Fourty minutes later, daddy conceded and picked her up ..."

And Hank promises us more updates on Gary Ezzo's Growing Families International National Leadership & Alumni Conference* (which concluded this weekend.)

* Like I said, Hank, that's quite a mouthful, huh?

This post is part of the Ezzo Week 2006 series, raising awareness about the concerns with "philosophy" of parenting promoted by Gary Ezzo.

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Thank you for all the links here and the good comments and links on my blog.

Posted by: Bob Bixby at July 18, 2006 09:38 AM

thanks for the ezzo info. i shared this site with a friend who needed confirmation that she's not "ungodly" for not following this method of child-rearing with her three month old.

Posted by: crt at July 18, 2006 11:55 AM

Hi TulipGirl,

How can we have a discussion about Ezzo without your hubby's classic Ezzo page I remember when my wife started blogging and I knew nothing about it and this was one of the first blog pages I saw, and I laughed so hard my vision was blurred. I remember thinking this blogging stuff is going to be way cool.

Grace and Peace


PS Let the hubby know the comments section on his blog is not working...

Posted by: Candleman at July 18, 2006 12:29 PM

yeah, i was thinking of your dh's site, too. hi.lar.i.ous.

great links, great info. thanks for being a great source of information of truth concerning ezzo.

you ROCK.

Posted by: greenemama at July 19, 2006 01:20 PM

The Maddy and Livy post makes me very sad. Many times I have heard Ezzo supporters point to examples like this as extreme cases. And say that the parents have taken Ezzo's advice too literally and not used wisdom in applying it to their children.

I think it would do a lot of good to have known Ezzo supporters go to this Mom and say, you know 1 hour and 40 minutes is just too long to let a baby cry like that. Hank, are you reading this? You up for doing that?

Posted by: Brian at July 19, 2006 05:41 PM

Thank you TulipGirl for your hard work and dedication to this issue. I am sooooo appreciative of your efforts to inform us about GFI! I know it can be an uphill battle without many victories. (I "fought" it at my former church for 5 years and we finally threw up our hands and had to leave - too many cults, not enough truth) Please know that I see your striving to provide accurate information as a victory for the truth! Thank you for speaking it in love. I learn so much from you everyday - it's like you're my new disciple-er. I thank God for you, sister!

Posted by: Ana at July 20, 2006 01:43 PM

The Maddy and Livy post makes me so sad too. Just more evidence of how Ezzo's parenting program sets children and parents in opposition to each other. "The point is that I won???" So she's looking for how her child is trying to get one over on her, and soon her child will be looking for how mom's trying to get one over on the child. What a cycle.

Posted by: Jocelyn at July 20, 2006 02:30 PM

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