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July 05, 2006

Chocolate Cake Shots

From the Lizard Eater:

Chocolate Cake Shots

Okay, first of all, I swear this isn't a snipe hunt. When my brother gave me the recipe, I just knew he was pulling my leg. He wasn't. I'm not. Try it.

Layer equal parts vodka and Frangelico in a shot glass.

Take a lime and quarter it. Take a quarter and dip it in sugar. Sugar, not salt.

Bite and suck. Hold the juice. Take the shot. Hold it all in your mouth and count to four.


Tastes like you've just taken a bite of rich, dark, chocolate cake.

Warning: quite dangerous. The first time a person has this, they get a peculiar look on their face. Then they say, "Wow, it really does taste like chocolate cake!" Then they say, "Let me try it again to see if that happens the second time... fourth time ... eighth time ..."

I wanna try these. . .


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