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July 07, 2006

Fine Art Friday - Peasant Wedding


Pieter Bruegel, Peasant Wedding

When I was growing up, we had a print of this in our kitchen. I remember my Mom talking to us about both the story as well as the painting techniques used.

I'm flying out to Arizona today. My sister is to be married on Tuesday! I anticipate there will be great joy--though that's probably the only thing her wedding will have in common with this painting.


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The Kyiv shirt was a gift from my mom's cousin who lives in Ukraine. Details in the comment thread over on my blog... its one of my favorite tee shirts.

Posted by: Joel at July 8, 2006 05:52 PM

Every blessing for the forthcoming wedding, I hope you all have a wonderful time!

Posted by: Sheena at July 9, 2006 05:28 PM

I hope that you enjoy your sister's wedding. I've been married a whole two weeks now. I look forward to catching up w/ you sometime soon.
Much love and many prayers,

Posted by: Gretchen Eisenberg at July 9, 2006 09:51 PM

Great picture!

Posted by: Julana at July 10, 2006 03:01 PM

Loved the wedding painting. What was his dates; definitely reflecting God's goodness to us in marriage.

Posted by: Cathryn flowers Ritchie at July 25, 2006 01:43 AM

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