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August 07, 2006

More WBW 2006 Blogging

More people are blogging in support of World Breastfeeding Week and mamas and babies around the world.

August 5:
Echo of Love
Misplaced Mama
No Such Thing
Color Me Red

Five Minutes for Mom

This Classical Life
Life With An Axe
Jo's Cafe
(Another) Day in the Life
Confessions of a Political Junkie

August 6:
Nursing Two
Arch Words
And Then There Were Four
Girl from FL
Blogging Baby Malcolm
Mommy @ Home
Oddly Complete
Jihad of a Woman
Only the Best
Rinsed With Gold

August 7:
Blog on Breast
Charity Grace
Rambling Moo
This Classical Life
Gaggle of Girls
Love Never Fails
liminal musings

This post is part of a World Breastfeeding Week 2006 series.


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Thanks for including me. :)

Posted by: maricar at August 8, 2006 12:20 AM

I posted a couple of days ago, happily.

Posted by: Kim at August 8, 2006 07:47 PM

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