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August 09, 2006

Mail Call!

Woohoo! We got some fab deliveries today.

First was our order from Timberdoodle, and just like years ago, they still send Mrs. Grossman's stickers along with your receipt. I like little touches like that.

From Timberdoodle we received our math curriculum for this semester. We're trying something new for us--Developmental Math. I like that each child has his own workbook (rather than reusable texts, ala Saxon, which I'm biased against from my own childhood.) I liked the placement tests that are available online helped pinpoint the boys' strengths and weaknesses. After being in school for a year, I needed help to gauge what they needed. And an endorsement by Molly (who I "know" and respect) was the deciding factor in taking a risk in ordering a curriculum that was new to me.

Also enclosed was Le Franšais Facile, Junior, which was recommended by Timberdoodle. R7 has been asking to learn French since he was. . . oh. . . a verbal toddler or preschooler? Seriously, he's had an attraction to the French language and France since he was very little. Our trip to Paris only intensified it. Now that we are not living in a russophone country, we decided it was time to expand our linguistic horizons. Hubby has a good foundation in French (when he first started learning Russian, he spoke it with a French accent! *L*) I tried to teach myself French all throughout middle school, but didn't get very far. I need more than an autodidactic approach for languages. The "junior" edition seems very basic--just what we want for introducing all the boys (and me!) to French.

I also got a Christmas present for my folks! Not blogging it here, I like to keep surprises.

In addition to homeschool goodies, I received my Old Bisbee Roasters order of Ethiopian Natural Sidamo Organic and Sulawest Decaf coffee. Mmmmmm. . . Totally worth splurging on. (And free shipping!) I couldn't find the Ethiopian Sidamo when I looked online a week or so ago, so I called and spoke with Seth, the master roaster himself. He gave me great alternate recommendations. Gotta love the personal service. Oh, my coffee's brewed. Time to post.


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Enjoy the coffee. :) That's one of my favorite parts about living in Seattle - the easy access to custom-roasted coffee that doesn't taste like it was strained through Barry Bonds' gym sock.

Posted by: The Zero Boss at August 11, 2006 01:14 PM

Funny, I remember the Mrs. Grossman's stickers w/ Timberdoodle orders too - and that's from 15 yrs ago! Good memories of old homeschool days!
Enjoy your coffee...

Posted by: Trish at August 11, 2006 09:33 PM

Jay, Hubby got your e-mail. We're working on it. Sigh. I might need to beg more code-monkey work from Amanda aka HippieMommy. And now that I've cut down on coffee (though you can't tell this weekend), it's easier to justify the yummy small-batch roasted coffee instead of the cheapo stuff.

Trish! Glad to have another remember those! I even had a handwritten note. Gotta love personal service.

Posted by: TulipGirl at August 13, 2006 09:26 PM

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