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October 16, 2006

Variations on a Bean

New Orleans Style Red Beans and Rice
(Andouille or Kielbasa Sausage Optional)
Served with French Bread and Butter

Cuban Black Beans
(Cooked with Bacon, Optional)

Stormy Black Bean Soup (Vegan)
With Cornbread

Pinto Beans
(Cooked with Bacon, Optional)
Served with Cornbread or Tortillas

Substitute Black Beans for Ground Beef
Or add beans to sauteed ground beef and mix together.

Southwest Casserole
Combine roughly equal parts of beans, rice, canned corn, and canned tomatoes (with peppers is best.) Heat and serve. Melting cheese on top is optional.

Split-Pea Soup
(With ham, optional)
Served with hot rolls and butter

White Bean Chili
Served with cornbread and butter

Hummus and Dipping Veggies
Served with toasted pita
(Hummus Recipe 2, Recipe 3)

Most of these recipes can be modified easily for the vegan and vegetarian amongst us. However, I've found that cooking beans with just a little bit of meat makes it yummier.

Hint: Make a full pot of beans or a double batch, and freeze the leftovers in smallish ziplock bags. Lots of recipes call for canned black beans--having your own in your freezer is quick and inexpensive, and doesn't have the metallic taste some canned beans have. I do the same with rice.

Addendum: Read The Bean Report for good info on cooking beans and minimizing their oftimes unpleasant side effects.


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Mmmm...Monday is bean day at our house. Trying to catch up after the weekend, it's so easy to put a pot on to simmer all day, especially now that it's cooler. Last week we had red beans and rice; today it's pinto beans. Good--and cheap!

Posted by: Charity Grace at October 16, 2006 01:07 PM

I grew up with Monday being Red Beans and Rice day. *Grin* Even though my Mom did not hold fast to it, they were still connected.

I've had some friends brainstorming on budget meal ideas / vegetarian&vegan meal ideas. These are the bean meals we use most frequently. Though, when we were in Ukraine, we got out of the habit of eating beans. They weren't easily available, and the meat was often cheaper/more appealing.

Posted by: TulipGirl at October 16, 2006 07:41 PM

So glad you posted these. I've been convinced that I need to add beans to a few of our meals during the week, and it's nice to have recipes that others I know have tried and liked. Thanks.

Posted by: Tricia F. at October 17, 2006 10:48 PM

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