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December 09, 2006

What I'm Doing. . .

Pandora Online Music Radio: Switching between "Roger Whitakker Holiday" and "Louis Armstrong Holiday"

A new "Jesus Set" for the boys--baby Jesus' head popped off last year, and gluing it isn't working. It just seems so sacriligious to have a headless baby Jesus that I went out and bought a new one. So now we have lots of extra shepherds, wisemen and sheep. We got our original one 6 years ago, and is a special part of our Christmas traditions.

Charlie Brown Christmas with the kids
Alias Final Season with Hubby

The spicy potpourri coasters that my sil made for us when she was in junior high. We pack them away with our Christmas things, and when we unpack them the whole house smells cinnamony.

Brian's Thai Curry

Too much sugar

Peruvian FT Organic Cepicafe Co-Op Coffee

The Pastor's Wife's Christmas Recipes
Gentle Christian Families Forum
Abondante Living
Techy Gadget Giveaway!


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Jennifer and I are watching season four. I don't know why she is more interested in this than she was in Buffy. *sigh*

Posted by: Mark at December 9, 2006 04:30 PM

Thanks for the link.
We had our church Christmas party today, I am all mince pie-ed out ;0)

Posted by: Sheena at December 9, 2006 04:41 PM

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I'm glad you liked the curry!

LOL about your baby Jesus figure! :-D

Posted by: Brian at December 9, 2006 06:42 PM

Thanks for your visit and nice comment on my Advent post!

Btw: Sounds like you had a busy but nice Saturday. Wish you a great week ahead:-)

Posted by: RennyBA at December 10, 2006 04:44 PM

wow tulip
didn't know you're an alias freak.
i am addicted to that show.
but we are about two years behind down here in the sticks.
my friend has season three on dvd. i've been eeking it out. still have two shows to watch with D17. it's a late night tradition. hubby watches about every third show and he knows more about what's going on than i do.... blonde you know.
i have peeped online at the current goings-on (yes, i am the ultimate christmas-present-feeler) so am up with the play.
was so tickled to see the *bring back vaughn* club online last year.....

Posted by: kate5kiwis at December 11, 2006 02:39 AM

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