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January 13, 2007

Family Bits and Pieces

Haven't been blogging much. . . obviously. . . I can't believe we are already two weeks into 2007. 2007. Seems like such a far away year, and here we are already.

We've had company this past week. Rebecca, who travelled with us in Paris, and her college roommate. They've spent a week hanging out with us and enjoying the Florida sunshine and are now off for more vacationing. (They just finished their degrees in English Lit and History, respectively, and need a break before diving into life in Chicago.)

On the home front, a new semester has started. And not only is Hubby another step closer to his master's, but I'm enrolled in a couple of courses, too. Ack. First time in a school setting in. . . ages. One class is online and the other a real-live, actual classroom class. Excited and slightly nervous. And thankful that my textbooks don't cost more than tuition. The kids are back in (home)school, too. They are amazing. I think that C6 is reading. . . but not completely sure. . . definitely things are starting to click.

Hubby's grandparents are visiting from Pennsylvania. (Not staying with us, thankfully--I like having company, but do need a break between one set of guests and another!)

In other news, my sister and her music man are on the road, touring, singing, being together as a family. If you live in Oregon, Kansas, Chicago, upstate New York--you'll have the opportunity to hear Pat Gahn live. It's totally worth it! Check this calendar to see Pat Gahn's engagements.


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Hey, TG! What classes are you taking? Do you take a night class? Last semester I had one online and one "live." This semester I just have the one "real life" class--the second semester of Anatomy and Physiology. I hope you love your classes! Email me if you need to commisserate about tests, projects, etc., along with being a full-time Mommy! :)

Posted by: chewymom at January 14, 2007 10:47 PM

This must be the season for schooling. My mom is in a full-time, intensive course--and it has a lot of memorization and being able to identify musculature and anatomy, like your A&P course. (Btw, did I ever tell you I was the only non-nursing student in my A&P lab? I really liked it! But it's a lot of work. . .)

I'm actually *gasp* enrolled in two classes. A bit nervous. My "live" class is Wed nights--it was a Criminology seminar that I chose b/c it met at the right time (Hubby's classes are Tues/Thurs) and met one of the exit requirements for USF. It wasn't until after I registered that I found out the topic. *L* Drug Use in the US Hispanic Population. I rolled my eyes at first because the title sounds SO much like something I'm not interested in. However, after reviewing the syllabus and beginning the reading, I'm really excited about it. It deals with social/mental health probs in cross cultural/immigrant communities, and mixes a lot of my interests with Hubby's. So, it's good. I'm really nervous about this class though.

The other one I'm taking is online, "Issues in Music." The boys are already excited about watching the online videos with me. *grin* Again, it fulfills exit requirements, which is my focus this semester. The upper level classes I really want to take require a prereq that I can't take this semester, soooo. . .

J10 made dinner last night (I set out the ingredients, wrote instructions, and he crock-potted it.) H/Sing is going REALLY well for them right now. I think we feel "in it all together" with us all having "school" to do.

Posted by: TulipGirl at January 16, 2007 05:54 PM

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