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March 01, 2008

Nor Shall She Die

"Let's die, my brothers, or on high
Maintain the flag of liberty
To perish—there's no other way—
Shall it be chains or in the fray ?

He who doth hate a captive's chains,
The test of battle ne'er disdains! . . .

No more with evil temporize!
Fall, rather than your powers waste!
Stand proudly, do not bend the knee,
Better to die than traitor be!
The morrow will bring victory.

Then not in vain shall we see rise
From slumber Ukraine's virile race;
And not in vain in their young eyes
Those old-time fires we shall trace.

Perhaps in their good, strong right hands
Will gleam and flash new shining brands.
Long have we been by woes bestead,
A grievous lot our souls doth try,
But let us shout:
‘Ukraine's not dead,
She's not yet dead, nor shall she die!’"

--Ivan Franko


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