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May 04, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Meanderings. . .

We've been continuing our mellow-weathered springtime. The lanai is still our makeshift office, and the kids are running around in the backyard or swimming in the pool for hours each day.

I finished up this semester's classes with a sigh of relief. I toyed with the idea of not taking any classes in the summer, but scheduling wise have ended up with two--Statistics and the Psychology of Religion. Ought to be interesting, to say the least. (And challenging--statistics, to me, is like a foreign language. Requires a lot of work and repetition before things "click.") Speaking of, I'm also having my Russian language skills evaluated in a few weeks. I'm a little nervous about that. I can have long and ongoing conversations in my head in Russian, but tend to stumble over my tongue when I try to speak. That, and my listening comprehension. . . well. . . it's slow even in English! Classes start the week after next, so I'm trying to fit in some "fun" reading this week. Not exactly light reading, but Samuel Martin's book is on my to-read list (and it is now available in electronic format at no charge!)

T10 has had an ongoing fascination with whales for several years. He's read all the books on whales and related species at the library (and even pointed out errors in some.) I could totally see him out on a boat with a beard and binoculars and a notebook, like the cetologist on a video we watched. Last year we went to Shedd Aquarium with Mo and Papa John, and T10's special gift there was a book on how to become a marine animal trainer. Since then his obsession seems to have waned to mere fascination. . . Yesterday after watching Shamu and seeing the other dolphins, whales, porpoises, walruses and myriad sea creatures, he's again certain that he wants to work with and study sea creatures. I know that there are padi scuba lessons for kids as young as 12, but I'm so nervous about that--even if it is a few years away. Our neighbor is a scientist at Mote Marine Laboratory. I'd like to look into what volunteer opportunities would be age-appropriate and work within our schedule. Or, maybe we'll start with the Saturday morning program--that would be a fun Mommy-Son date.

We pretty much do year-round homeschooling, with lull times when Hubby or I are at the end-of-semester crunch, holidays and trips. But I think it is time to reassess the school books we are using and refocus on our education goals with our children. The boys have been learning by leaps and bounds. The most exciting thing is that C7 made the great leap from beginning reading to avid reading. They are all readers! That is so reassuring. Still, it's time for assessment and decisions.

The boys are still active with their Young Conservatives of Our Neighborhood club with the neighbor kids. They are in the beginning stages of planning a 9/11 remembrance service. It has been interesting watching them take a broad idea, and then walking them through breaking it up into little steps.

My morning glories have not yet sprouted, but Kathy's roses are blooming.

Life is good.


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My 7yo has become an avid reader in the past months too. It's been so fun to see her go from struggling to proficient all at once. She's now reading at a 5th grade level, which amazes me considering reading was hard for her for a long time. She read a long chapter book in one afternoon this weekend. She wasn't so impressed by that though. She was more amazed that she went *two whole hours* without talking. If you knew this child, you'd know just how funny that is! :)

Posted by: CharityGrace at May 5, 2008 09:40 AM

Is C7 really seven??? I guess so! You wouldn't make that up, would you! I can't believe how the time goes by.

Psychology of Religion sounds interesting - Statistics not so much.

Nice update. :-) Hope your week goes smoothly.

Posted by: Carol at May 5, 2008 11:37 AM

I have a question you might be able to answer since you homeschool. Ever since we started teaching our 3 yo to read, our 2yo have been asking to do lessons, too. He is too little for the book we are using with Jadin. Do you know of any materials of this sort for 2-3 yo? Also, what did you use to teach them arithmetic when they were little? I haven't been able to find anything so far. Thanks,

Posted by: Olya at May 8, 2008 11:08 AM

Tried to leave you this in the 'contact' page, but it failed. so:

Just stumbled on your website, and love it all! I'm really new to blogging, wife of Wycliffe Bible Translator, PCA/reformed homeschooling mother of 3 from Oregon (where the PCA is still really tiny!). We are on furlough and headed back to Congo in East Africa this summer. I'm told I'll have excellent internet access, and would love to know more about the MotheringbyGrace group that you are part of and how an online community of peers has been an encouragement to you.

Posted by: Kim at May 9, 2008 02:30 PM

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