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PCA Blogs


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Fifty Years for Florida Physician

(Like the alliteration of that title?)

"Knowing your patients is one of the benefits of a practice in a small town," (Dr. Arnold) Tanis said. . . The doctor, whose patients affectionately call him Dr. Bud, has 40 families that he has been seeing for three generations. "I'll see a kid who's causing terrible distress and I'll look at the father and say `You did the same thing, you know.'"

As chairman of the Health & Accident Prevention Committee of the Florida Pediatrics Society, Tanis was part of the movement to get the state's first child restraint law passed in 1979. . .

The pediatrician is also a staunch advocate of breastfeeding. "It is the healthiest, both for the mother and the baby," he said.

Besides promoting safety and breastfeeding Dr. Tanis was among the pediatricians who early on questioned the soundness of the medical advice given in Gary Ezzo's "Babywise." This led to an AAP review and warning issued about scheduled feeding, such as what is promoted by Gary Ezzo.

Resolution 53SC: Evaluating Infant Management Programs
Resolution 22T: Investigating the Ezzo Program and FTT Infants Associated With It
Dr. Tanis's notes to The Florida Pediatrician

Read the full tribute to pediatrician Dr. Arnold Tanis .


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Enjoying School

A glass of merlot, a lit candle, music playing, children gathered round and the blue glow of the monitor. Ahhh, this is the way to do school work. Homeschooling or college work. I'm enjoying my music class.


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Dorothy Parker on Drinking

I like to have a Martini
Two at the very most
After three I'm under the table
After four I'm under my host

--Dorothy Parker

(Via Wiki)


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Plan Better. Read More. Share More.


Mike and Kristen at This Classical Life are encouraging thoughtfulness and reading with their TCL 2007 reading challenge.

Plan Better. Read More. Share More.

That's the motto, and honestly, what I'ld like to do this year. My reading the past several years has been quite haphazard. Now that we are in the land of public libraries with books in English, I'm wont to grab interesting books off of the shelf, bring them home, skim (or not) and return them. Snacking, not reading.

Right now it's hard for me to plan my reading. Hmmmm. . . Going to have to think about it and add to or ammend this list. I'll start off with some books on our shelves I've always been meaning to read and are appealing to me this year. Or I've already started and would really like to finish.

1. What To Listen For in Music
2. Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction
3. The Child in Christian Thought
4. Hold On To Your Kids
5. Care of the Soul
6. French Women Don't Get Fat
7. Rediscovering Catechism
8. The Last Puritan
9. Crooked Little Hart
10. Nurturing Children in the Lord
11. Blankets
12. Gilead


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Sarasota Film Festival 2007

Sarasota Film Festival: April 13-22, 2007

Just a reminder to myself to get tickets soon, and look into buying this year's film festival poster for Hubby.


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Family Bits and Pieces

Haven't been blogging much. . . obviously. . . I can't believe we are already two weeks into 2007. 2007. Seems like such a far away year, and here we are already.

We've had company this past week. Rebecca, who travelled with us in Paris, and her college roommate. They've spent a week hanging out with us and enjoying the Florida sunshine and are now off for more vacationing. (They just finished their degrees in English Lit and History, respectively, and need a break before diving into life in Chicago.)

On the home front, a new semester has started. And not only is Hubby another step closer to his master's, but I'm enrolled in a couple of courses, too. Ack. First time in a school setting in. . . ages. One class is online and the other a real-live, actual classroom class. Excited and slightly nervous. And thankful that my textbooks don't cost more than tuition. The kids are back in (home)school, too. They are amazing. I think that C6 is reading. . . but not completely sure. . . definitely things are starting to click.

Hubby's grandparents are visiting from Pennsylvania. (Not staying with us, thankfully--I like having company, but do need a break between one set of guests and another!)

In other news, my sister and her music man are on the road, touring, singing, being together as a family. If you live in Oregon, Kansas, Chicago, upstate New York--you'll have the opportunity to hear Pat Gahn live. It's totally worth it! Check this calendar to see Pat Gahn's engagements.


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Goals, Desires, Dreams 2007

I don't like the word "resolution"--it has connotations that feel as if it is almost designed to set us up for failure. But I do like having the ritual of evaluating the past year, thinking of goals for the upcoming year, and daydreaming about the future.

So in that spirit, I'm recording my goals, desires and dreams as well as reflecting upon those from past years.


1. Hold my nose with the bureaucracy, and actually take a couple of college classes. (Fingers crossed for a statistics class starting next Monday.)
2. Floss almost daily.
3. Feed my family in a healthier manner, and utilize meal planning to aid in this.
4. Minimize my sugar intake.
5. Read aloud more to the boys. (Hmmm. . . I'd really like to have certain books/series set as a goal, but not sure which ones to choose.)

1. Get a bike (my Christmas present!) and take regular bike rides with the boys.
2. Go on a road trip with the family. Chicago? Arizona?
3. Weekly photos, in the spirit of Project 365--only downsized.
4. Simplify. Beautify.

Dreams (ala Mondo Beyondo):
Still pondering. . .

This is not a definitive list, and is open to updating and modification. . . *grin*

Continue reading "Goals, Desires, Dreams 2007"


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Another Year Bloggin' and A-Deeper in Debt

On January 1, 2004, I started my blog. I had planned to change the organization a bit to meld it with my old webpage, but it's pretty much stayed a blog. I hung around blogs quite a bit before then (especially Hubby's--now defunct) but hadn't planned on blogging myself.

For my first blogiversary, Tim Challies updated and beautified my site. *grin* And the other goodies he installed behind-the-scenes were great. (Though I need to update my spam fighting tactics.)

Last year I forgot that I had been blogging for two years.

The past year, blogging has been low-key for me. Family pictures, bits of thoughts, links to this and that, info I want to remember. My mind has been elsewhere. I read some of the women I admire and appreciate their deep thoughts and inspiration. Me? Not so much these days.

I've been grateful for the people we've known online both while we were in Ukraine and since we've returned to the States. The friendships and interactions have been worth it--so here's to another year of blogging, writing, talking and living.


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