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From Our Family to Yours

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Merry Christmas

The infant from the manger
Has crushed
The Spirit of the Age.


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Christmas Wishes from Mrs. Claus

When I was little, I had cassette tapes of my Maw Maw on the radio in New Orleans being Mrs. Claus. Children would call up and ask questions about the North Pole or ask Mrs. Claus for that very special gift they hoped to find under the tree on Christmas morning. One of the things I've always admired about Maw Maw is her ability to jump feet first into new projects and try new things. She passed that quality along to my mother, too.


For the past couple of years, my Mom has been Mrs. Claus at Navy Pier in Chicago. (Did you know Mrs. Claus's first name is Cookie?) She delights the children and adds to the magical air of the holiday season.


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Season's Mindfulness


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A New Christmas Tradition

We've done something new this year, which I think I'd like to turn into a family tradition. I put a bunch of Christmas movies at the top of our Netflix/Blockbuster queue--both ones that we know are classics and ones which we've never seen. On the evenings Hubby has to work, the boys and I snuggle in bed and watch Christmas shows. Usually I drift off to sleep in the middle of the movie. . . We've watched classics like The Nutcracker and It's A Wonderful Life (with Hubby) and movies new to us like Holiday Inn, Christmas Past, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas Special.

I don't like doing too much TV time, but it's nice and cozy and snuggling in front of a movie is the Florida equivalent to cuddling in front of a fire. . .


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Today's Christmas Agenda

Wrap and mail presents for Chicago and Arizona. Cut the boys' hippie-hair. Make Kristen's yummy cider pork recipe. Go buy a Christmas tree. Get produce at the Farmer's Market. Make Peppermint Playdough. Go to the drive-thru Christmas lights. Do a couple of loads of laundry, while listening to Christmas carols.


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Black Bean Recipes

Black beans. . . Yummy and good for you. I make a big pot o' beans and then freeze leftovers in baggies to use when I need convenience foods. (I really dislike the metallic taste of canned beans.)

But, it gets a little too routine to make Cuban Black Bean soup one day and have Bean Enchiladas the next, so I've gathered some recipes to expand my black bean repertoire.

Black Bean Chili

Black Bean Hummus

Moros y Cristianos

Spicy Black Bean Cakes

Fusion Black Bean Dip (Dare I?)

Kitchen-Sink Quesadillas

Black Bean and Tomato Quinoa

Veggie Enchiladas


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"I live with interesting male people."

--Ann Barlow

Yes. Me, too.


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Loving in the Face of Unloveliness

A reminder to lean into the Lord, especially when we and our children are both struggling.

For the Mommy-Inspiration Files.


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Look! A Scottish Flag!

"Look! A Scottish Flag!", said R8 when he and I were sitting outside a coffee shop yesterday, he with his cappuccino and I with my latte.

The men at the neighboring table asked, "Where did you learn about the Scottish flag?" One was from Scotland, the other from England.

This is the point homeschooling parents puff out their chests and smile and wait for their child to say, "My Daddy homeschools me!"

Alas, R8 told the truth. "Playing Medieval Total War!"


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Taking For Granted

jude is blue much of the day lately and has started waking at night and yelling for reasons unknown. his misery is hard to manage, annoying, laughable at times. it makes me wonder how God can stand all of our whining and moaning all of the time, thousands (not just one, two, three) of his children screaming, muttering their unintelligable requests, demands, accusations, offering a begrudging thanks because they feel like they have to, taking mercy and grace for granted day in and day out. it also makes me glad that God parents me better than i parent these kids in this house. thank you, God, for seeing only Jesus when you look at me, at jude, at us.



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