Hubby Update

I've been so amazed and humbled at the outpouring of concern, prayers, and support from people online and in real life. I've been hesitant to share details until we have a diagnosis--which we still do not have. Of the four most likely scenarios initially presented by the doctor, the three mildest have been ruled out. The fourth and most serious, while not completely ruled out, was not confirmed by a clinical exam and next Friday Hubby will do some more medical testing that may take it off the table. That is our hope, though. . . it could still be a possibility. At that point, it is possible Hubby and his doc will be back to square one, as to evaluating the most likely causes for the symptoms he's been having.

Overall, though, we are at a place emotionally and spiritually where we were not two weeks ago--just being in the moment, taking each day, being hopeful, not speculating. . . Physically, Hubby's symptoms are still presenting, his energy is low. . . His thesis advisor has okayed a break from his research, and when we get a diagnosis, we'll evaluate the next step. He's still homeschooling the boys, though we're relying upon workbooks more than before.

The past few weeks I've been doing okay--and then this week, I've just been worn out and fell apart a few times emotionally. (Hence, the long delay in updating y'all. I just. . . couldn't.) I went to sleep at 7:30 pm the other night and slept 11 hours solid. Fighting off a cold. It was like as soon as we could take a breath and relax a little about Hubby, it all hit me.

Again, thank you for your encouragement and prayers. They mean a lot to us. We seek secure in the Father's hand. And we'll be sharing more as we know more.


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Follow Rainbows in Your Eyes

1995, Wedding Day, Illinois.JPG
July 29, 1995


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Still Need That Shoulder

What About Mine?

When you cried as a little baby
Mom and daddy let you cry
Thought that that was the best way maybe
To make you grow all strong inside
Now that you're older
You need someone's shoulder
What about mine?

Growing' up your mind was closed
For repairs for a long long time
You could feel the loneliness in your hairstyle
Just like mine
Now that you've grown up
You still need that shoulder
What the hell are you waiting' for?
It's mine

I promise not to chase you
Only to embrace you
I promise not to bug you
Only just to hug you all night

When you was a little baby
Mom and dad they let you cry
They thought that's the best way maybe
To make you all strong inside
(Were they) wrong? (Yes)
Mine……What about mine?

--Paul Westerberg

Hear it Barlowised.


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Hubby Brought Me Flowers


I've been having a rough weekend. Hubby brought me flowers. I feel loved. He puts up with a lot with me, and then goes further to comfort me. How blessed am I.


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One Anothering

For the Mommy-Inspiration Files. . .

The Blanket Commands


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a sentimental song

children tremble
flowers fade so sadly
love is strange to understand
winter winds blow
does the truth seem badly
let your tears fall into my hands
let your tears fall into my hands

listen closely
and i will sing for you
a sentimental song
and you will know just how i feel
listen closely
i will sing for you
a sentimental song

hide with me tonight
love endures the weather
let the rain make everything new
in the morning
we will dance together
let my song fall down around you
let my song fall down around you

listen closely
and i will sing for you
a sentimental song
and you will know just how i feel
(in my heart)
listen closely
i will sing for you
a sentimental song
and you will know my love is real

listen closely
and i will sing for you
a sentimental song
and you will know just how i feel
(in my heart)
listen closely
i will sing for you
a sentimental song
and you will know my love is real

listen closely
and i will sing for you
a sentimental song
and you will know my heart is true

listen closely
i will sing for you
a sentimental song
and you will know how i love you...

(Thanks Derri, Steve and Dan)


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Fated Love


(Via Prairie Girl, though I'm wondering whether PyroPhil is responsible for it. . .)


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He Loves Me, Take Two

Hubby's Gift

He loves me.

He loves our family.

Hubby went through hundreds and thousands of digital photos we have, and chose about twenty that captured our family and our experiences from the past several years. He picked the frames, matted the photos, and designed the display. It was a complete surprise to me. I get this giddy-joy feeling every time I see this.


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The Future's Open Wide

Dream of better lives the kind which never hate
dropped in the state of imaginary grace
I made a pilgrimage to save this humans race
What I'm comprehending a race that long gone by

I'll stop the world
I'll stop the world and melt with you
I'll stop the world
You've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time
Let's stop the world
There's nothing you and I won't do
Let's stop the world
I'll stop the world and melt with you


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My Husband Loves Me

He really, really loves me.

Photos to follow


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Marriage: Keeping it Simple

Less is more. Read the Bible. Submit to your husband out of reverence to Christ. Know that you will fail. Ask forgiveness from God and your husband and start over again.

Marriage advice from Bonnie, shared over at Sparrow's.


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Ten Years


And did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth.

--Raymond Carver


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And the Discoshaman is Back. . .

I wasn't expecting it today, but Hubby is back in the blogging saddle over at Le Sabot Post-Moderne.

His recent posts?

Dean's first 100 -- buyer remorsing yet?

Gitmo, the (K)(Q)(?)uran, and Snivelling

What's On My Mind


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Eighty Years of Marriage

Asked for their secret, Florence said you must never be afraid to say “sorry.”

You must never go to sleep bad friends,” she said, while Percy, 105, said his secret to marital bliss was just two words: “yes dear.”

Congratulations to Percy and Florence Arrowsmith for 80 years of marriage. May we all love our spouses as dearly as this couple.


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You, Too?

Hubby came home with a surprise for me today, U2's How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. While I get sentimental when I hear certain U2 songs, I've never been the huge fan other people I know are. But when I read some reviews a few weeks ago, I added it to my wishlist. (I thought I read a review by Gideon Strauss, but now I can't find it)

I've only listend to it a few time while cleaning the kitchen, so don't expect a thoughtful review from me. But I'm enjoying it.


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To Fix or Depend?

"God's job is to fix and to change. Our job is to depend, serve, and equip. This is the work of grace."

I read Jeff VanVonderen's Families Where Grace is in Place last January. I found myself nodding as I read, seeing so many of the conclusions I'd come to through studying theology and discussions with friends. Only Jeff VanVonderen had these thoughts organized and drew upon his experience counseling with families.

It's very true, as JVV points out, that we have been

". . .taught to gauge spiritual success by outward performance standards, and not . . .been shown the internal steps that lead to real, from-the-heart-out empowerment and transformation."

Fast forward through a rough year, and I'm rereading the book. However, instead of nodding in agreement with his ideas, I'm recognizing myself and my own struggles in life. I'm seeing how much I still strive to measure myself and my spiritual "success" by outward standards. How much I don't daily turn to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and draw upon His grace.

In this coming year, I desire to learn more to lean into God, draw my strength from and depend upon Him. And may His grace flow out so I can serve and equip my husband and children.


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From the Archives. . .

Hubby has some of my favorite photos that capture Kyiv in his archives.

Possible Blog Photo1.JPG
From our kitchen window during our first winter in Kyiv.

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Hubby on Hiatus

As many of y'all have likely noticed, Le Sabot Post-Moderne is going garver for the next two months.

As Hubby said, this is an amazing, and amazingly packed summer. I'll still be around, but with occasional lulls.

We've been so encouraged and blessed by our friends in the blogging world. Thank you for being part of our lives. *mush, mush*


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Le Sabot Update. . .

For those who are wondering why you can't join the discussion over at Le Sabot Post-Moderne, it's a technical problem on our end. Hubby is working on it, and it should be resolved by tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience. . .


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How the Other Half Thinks

Hubby has been writing a lot lately about our family and parenting.

Parenting is a (Mixed) Blessing

Mixed Blessing, but a Pretty Cool One

Homebirthing and Other Evangelical Tribal Customs

Kids and the Big City


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From Hubby

Reflections on 5 Years in the PCA


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